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What is a beekeeping suit?

A beekeeping suit is a protection gear to protect people from bees. Oz-Armour makes some extraordinary beekeeping suits with various variations and designs. Our most famous beekeeping suit is a 3-layer beekeeping suit. This Beekeeper suit is made with a triple-layer fabric mesh that allows air to circulate your body which keeps you ventilated and protected.

What is Oz-Armour?

One of the leading and well-known Australian Brands. Smartly designed outfit with unique and distinguishing features designed keeping in view the comfort level of the beekeepers. World’s famous YKK vision zippers are used which are stronger, smoother, and long-lasting. Industrial-grade material with rayon reinforcement for the pockets and knee pads is used. Flap over the front zipper for extra security


3-layer beekeeping suit and enhance feature:

All the zippers present in the suit have Double sliders (2 x leg high zippers, 1 x front zipper) to easily access the internal pockets further reinforced with tape stitching for extra strength.

- EASY TO WEAR & REMOVE – Our Bee Suit has leg-high zippers that allow easy wearing and removal. The Velcro and elastics on the ankles and wrists allow adjustment for your comfort, and the veils easily attach with zippers.


Sustainable and high quality

Not only the beekeeping suit is sustainable but of high quality. Excellent quality material used in its manufacturing which ensures full protection against bee stings and makes it the superior quality suit. 


From the start of cutting till packing quality of the material is checked thoroughly to identify any kind of damage or variation in color/shade.

After the stitching the beekeeping suit then comes to the quality department for the following purposes:

  1. Clipping of the extra threads
  2. To check the variation in shades of the materials used.
  3. The functionality of the zippers
  4. Checking of Velcro
  5. Quality of the stitching
  6. Size as per the chart
  7. Any kind of stains or spots
  8. Compatibility of the suit with hood

Material used:

All the materials used in the making are human skin-friendly. 3 layers are used in its making (1x Central layer of PVC Foam Mesh, 2x layers of knitted mesh). After the above-mentioned 3 layers then come the 4th layer of mesh which prevents irritation and provides extra protection (it is present only in half body) All Knitted mesh are Azo-free, they will not tear and are C Certified. Moreover, the skin-friendly cloth is used, it has heavy GSM, is Hydrogen washed, is non-palpable, and will not tear. World-renowned YKK zippers and sliders are used. Cordura used is of Industrial-grade material with rayon reinforcement for the pockets and knee pads. It has high tensile strength fibers and will withstand long-term wear. It's highly abrasive and in most cases extremely water repellent. Azo-free, PCP-free high-grade elastic is used which is SGS approved by Taiwan and is made up of Intermingle threads and 30 no rubber. Azo-free, 100% nylon, PCP-free top-quality Velcro is used which is SGS approved by Taiwan. The threads used are OKEO-TEX Certified and ISO 9001 certified.


  1. Plastic D Strap for keychain hanging
  2. High-quality rubber patch logo
  3. Twill tape for extra strength
  4. Webbing tape of heavy read pick of denier.
  5. Pockets are made with high-grade fabric for extra strength. 

Few characteristics:

High SPI (stitch per inch) essentially decides the strength of our garment.

  1. For your safety, zippers on the neck overlap each other so no chance of bee entrance.
  2. 8x Spacious Pockets designed for keeping tools and other essential items
  3. 2x Knee Pads for protection of Knees. 



Veil (Round & Fencing)

  1. Both Round Brim Hat & Fencing/Drinking Veil has high visibility mesh
  2. The fencing hood opens from the front that allowing you to easily adjust your glasses or take a sip of water.
  3. Both veils have Knitted mesh with Zero percent color bleed.
  4. Our hood features a patented insert within the hood, which distances the mesh from your face while maintaining a protective barrier against bees
  5. Designed to last for years, our fencing Veil is made of High quality strong Italian fiber mesh which has high visibility.
  6. Reinforced twill tape stitching to make it last longer while maintaining its shape.


Stitching: -

All the raw materials are cut as per the standard size charts developed on the state-of-the-Art system GGT (Gerber Garment Technology) Computerized machines are used to ensure high SPI and accuracy. Four different types of computerized state-of-the-art machines are used during its stitching process. Measurements are checked at every step to ensure the exact sizes. High-quality thread is used to make it more durable. Cleanliness during stitching is ensured all the time to make it stain-free. Embodied logo of OZ ARMOUR on the panel of the front pocket enhances the beauty of the suit.


Packing: -

After quality then comes the packing department, the purpose of the packing department is to ensure all the time that this Beekeeping suit reaches the customer damage-free during the transportation while maintaining the fresh look as per the expectation of the customer.